Fail Fest is an event focused on celebrating failure from success.

Great Inventor. Great Failure. DaVinci was famous for many things, but he never successfully invented a flying machine.

It’s a business conference that celebrates failure. But Why?

Without failure, innovation cannot exist. In fact, failure is necessary, and something to be celebrated. At Fail Fest, you’ll hear successful speakers talk about how their failures shaped their path to success.

You can contribute to Fail Fest as a sponsor, speaker, and/or host.
Great Inventor. Great Failure. Tesla’s high voltage coil experiments caused many to question his sanity because he claimed to have received signals from another planet.
Contribute to Fail Fest as a speaker, sponsor, or event host.

Now, there are 3 ways to support Fail Fest.

Whether you’d like to speak, sponsor, or host, we would love to have your help with our next Fail Fest. It takes a lot of failure to make a success, right?

Great Inventor. Great Failure. Evans, known best for the invention of the steam engine, designed an amphibious vehicle that was rejected for being too impractical.
Fail Fest's agenda and speakers are helping spread the word about failing.
The Fail Fest agenda and speakers are focused on building the entrepreneurial community.

We’ve found that the most successful people out there know a lot about failure.

Past Fail Fests have been nothing short of amazing, and we owe it all to the wonderful people that come to share their stories of failure and success.

Great Inventor. Great Failure. Edison created a kinetoscope, a film projector that he wanted in every American home. The device failed because of its poor sound quality.
Fail Fest Sponsors are helping us spread the message about failing.
Fail Fest Sponsors are helping us get the message out about failure!

Our sponsors aren’t afraid of a little failure.

We’ve gathered so much community support for this event.

Many thanks to our incredible sponsors, who have given us so much help along the way.

Celebrate failure and success with your community!
Celebrate failure and success with your innovative community.

Find a Fail Fest near you.

Fail Fest started in Fishers, Indiana, but it is catching on all over… find a Fail Fest near you, or ask about launching your very own Fail Fest.