Fail Fest is an event focused on a new way of celebrating success.

What Is Fail Fest?

What Is Fail Fest?

In simple terms, Fail Fest is a day-long celebration of failures. Fail Fest was founded based on the idea that innovation and success are possible because of our failures. When we fail, if we have the courage and strength to dust ourselves off and give it another go, we open the door to possibilities. Fail Fest is a celebration of those possibilities. It’s a day for us to learn from successful entrepreneurs and community leaders who have failed (a time or two) and have built something out of those failures.

How did Fail Fest Start?

John Wechsler started Fail Fest out of a desire to celebrate success. Makes sense, right? John thought so and so do we. Seeing failure as part of his own path to success, John wanted to gather other successful entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives together to share their own stories of failure. The goal: inspire others in the community to embrace failure as part of their path to success.

Why does innovation require failure?

People don’t like to talk about their failures. Instead, we focus on what makes us successful. We talk about Edison creating the lightbulb, not failing at it. We talk about da Vinci designing the ball bearing system, not failing to create a flying machine. But, so often our success is born out of failure. By focusing on failures, we learn how to pull ourselves up and find the spark we need to push through our own failures.

Why not focus solely on success?

Because failure is a key part of the story. Failure is important because it pushes us to keep going. The successful inventor, entrepreneur, creative, whatever is successful because of their perseverance. Success is often times built from our failures. When successful people fail, they shake off the failure and keep going. They keep going until the vision they have works. Or, until they have exhausted every attempt at success.

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

– Douglas Adams –




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