Host the event that people will talk about for years to come.

Are you looking for a way to promote innovation, entrepreneurialism, and creativity in your community? Fail Fest is a celebration of failure that leads to success. Our events are about creating connections and helping aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs learn from failures. As a Fail Fest host, you’ll open your facilities to our attendees and speakers to learn and celebrate with each other.

How can I become a Fail Fest host?

We only have a few requirements for you to become a Fail Fest host. The most obvious one: a place large enough to hold our event. While we love fun places, anywhere with a room large enough for us to meet in will probably work. The second requirement: you must have a passion for innovation. We want Fail Fest to be hosted in environments that support our mission.

What are my obligations as a Fail Fest host?

As a Fail Fest host, we’ll need your help getting the place set up for the event. We’ll also need to make sure you have space for speakers to get ready and a place for attendees to mingle. Some of our sponsors will also need space to set up booths and displays. We just ask our hosts to be on hand to answer questions and help out when needed.

What kind of equipment will Fail Fest need?

When it comes time to host Fail Fest, we’ll work with you on the equipment that you have and don’t have. Typically, our speakers need equipment like microphones, projectors, whiteboards, and the occasional chalkboard. Equipment needs are somewhat based on the speaker’s preference, so we’ll have a better idea of what is needed closer to time.

Even the great business visionaries and luminaries of our times often fail and have setbacks. Imperfection is a part of any creative process and of life.

– Peter Sims –





Your space's name will be all over event announcements.


The entire entreprenuerial community will recognize your event space.

Attendee Exposure

Attendees will be exposed to your space's amenities and services.

Show Off Your Space

Show off your space to entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Build The Community

Help us build a stronger startup and entrepreneurial community.

Extend Your Reach

Reach your community and communities around you in a new way.

Want to host a Fail Fest?

Send us a message about your space and we’ll connect with you on hosting opportunities!

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