fail fest speaker
fail fest speaker

You know how it goes… failure leads to success.

As an innovator, entrepreneur, or creative, you probably already know that it’s through failure that innovation is born. Because you know and understand this, you’re ready to share your story of failure and how you turned it into success. You’re ready to share with your community the path you’ve walked on and how it changed everything for you.

What are the qualifications required to speak at Fail Fest?

We’re looking for speakers bold enough to share their stories. You might be an inventor. Maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur. Maybe you just love to create. Your qualification for speaking at Fail Fest: turning failure into success. You’ve got enough grit and perseverance to pick yourself up, brush off the dust, and keep going.

How can I become a speaker?

If your story of turning failure into success is begging to be told, then we want to connect with you. Being a Fail Fest speaker means connecting with your community and inspiring them to keep the fire of innovation alive. To become a speaker, we need to learn more about you and your story. Sign up to be a speaker and we’ll reach out to discuss your story.

What if I want to nominate a speaker?

Do you know someone who has a story that should be told? We want to hear about them! You can nominate someone to be a Fail Fest speaker. But, before you do, give them a heads up. Let your nominee know what Fail Fest is all about. Explain that we’re celebrating success stories. Tell them that Fail Fest is about embracing our failures and learning from them.

It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.

– Eloise Ristad –

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Start With Failure

Begin at the beginning. Tell the audience your story of failure.

Be Real

Don't try to fake it. Be yourself and tell the real story.

Don't Read Notes

Tell your story. This is a place for you to connect to your community.

End With Success

Connect your failures with your story of success.

Avoid Humble Bragging

Own your accomplishments. Don't pass them off as failure.

Show Up To Give

Give your audience your attention, story, and time.

Become a Speaker

Let us know if you’re interested in speaking or if you know someone with a story that needs to be shared.