fail fest sponsor
fail fest sponsor

Support our cause of encouraging entrepreneurs everywhere.

Fail Fest sponsors aren’t just supporting a regional event. They aren’t just supporting a day-long celebration. They’re supporting a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Fail Fest sponsors help grow the spirit of innovation in Indiana. By becoming a sponsor, you help Fail Fest events to be more successful as we reach a wider audience and inspire even more of our community.

How can I become a sponsor?

Ready to become a sponsor and support innovation in our growing entrepreneurial community? Great! We’re excited for you to join us at the next Fail Fest event. The first step in becoming a sponsor is pretty simple. We just want to connect with you. We’ll talk about different sponsorship opportunities and other great ways for you to get involved with Fail Fest.

What are my obligations as a Fail Fest sponsor?

As a sponsor, you’ll receive some incredible benefits. The only thing we ask is that you help us make Fail Fest the best event around. As a Fail Fest sponsor, you’ll make a financial contribution to help make our event a success. We’ll also invite you to attend the event and learn from others’ stories of failure in their journey to success.

Who will see my Fail Fest sponsorship?

We’re shaking things up. Fail Fest is no longer an annual event. It’s a quarterly gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Attendees range from small start-up teams to community leaders from all over Indiana. The people who attend Fail Fest are hungry to learn, eager to be inspired, and bold enough to fail in order to reach success.


  • Epic Fail

    • Event Tickets
    • Logo in the Brochure
    • Name on Event Website

  • Quantum Fail

    • Everything From The Epic Fail Sponsorship
    • Half-Page Ad in the Agenda
    • Logo on Event T-Shirts

  • Legendary Fail

    • Everything From the Quantum Fail Sponsorship
    • Full-Page Ad in the Agenda
    • VIP Access to Speakers and Event

One of my jobs is to encourage people to be bold. It’s incredibly hard. Experiments are, by their very nature, prone to failure. A few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work.

– Jeff Bezos –




Brand Visibility

Your logo will be displayed in printed event materials (program and signage), on our online sponsors page, and in event promotions.

Event Tickets and Discount Codes

Receive tickets to attend the event! Each level of sponsorship receives tickets, plus a special discount code for additional ticket purchases to share out.

Swag Bag Inclusion

Get your logo or company name on giveaway items given out as part of the event's swag bag. Or send in your own giveaway items for inclusion!

Advertisement in Program

Promote your company through your reserved advertising spot in the event program. Sizes range from quarter page to full page.

Social Media Shoutout

Launch Fishers will engage with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, sharing information about the event and your group!

And More!

Each Fail Fest is unique and offers its own special perks! Check with the event organizer to see what other benefits you may get.





Ready to become a Fail Fest sponsor?

We are not currently taking sponsors for our upcoming Fail Fests. Check back when another event is announced or reach out to us directly.