We’re always on the search for a great success story born out of failure. Whether you have story begging to be told or want to contribute to Fail Fest by sponsoring an event, we have the perfect opportunities for you to contribute to our community of innovators.


Without the help of sponsors, Fail Fest wouldn’t be possible. It’s because of these sponsors that we’re able to make amazing connections and help our community of entrepreneurs find their own success. If you’re looking to make a difference, support innovation, and expand our community, then we would love your support.


Fail Fest is all about celebrating success built out of failure. Whether your story involves a failed start-up attempt or the deep meaning found in your most recently failed product launch, we’re looking for bold storytellers. You’ll join other entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives as you tell your story and inspire our community.


We love exploring and discovering new places. From large conference rooms to grand halls and everything in between, Fail Fest can take place wherever doors are open and people are willing. While we’re partial to coffee and open environments, we’re a flexible community that just loves coming together to celebrate each other.