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Agenda & Speakers

October 3rd, 2018

Fail Fest Wabash Valley

Agenda & Speakers

October 3rd, 2018


October 3, 2018


Call to Seat



Opening Remarks from Gerry Dick



Shelley Klingerman & John Wechsler – “Welcome to Fail Fest: Wabash Valley!”



Kickoff Speaker: Lonnie Bedwell – “Harnessing the Power of Vision”



General Houser – “The Day Failure Was Not An Option”



Ellie Symes – “Bringing Your Bee Game”



Stephanie Corliss – “Bumpy Roads”



John Qualls – “How I Turned My Biggest Life Lesson Into a Tattoo”



Q&A with General Houser, Ellie, Stephanie & John



Keynote Speaker: Brian Vanden Broucke – “Are Nine Lives Really Enough?”






Suzie Jaworowski – “Perseverance & The Presidency: How a Failed Bid for State Office Lead to the Presidential Campaign”



Garrett Mintz – “From Drug Dealer to CEO”



Brad Niemeier – “Culture Fail”



Q&A with Suzie, Garrett & Brad



Danielle McDowell – “It’s All About the Exit.”



Ross David – “Forgetting How Far You’ve Come”



Q&A with Danielle & Ross



Closing Remarks



  • Brad Niemeier, 29, is the owner and founder of Azzip Pizza. Brad graduated in 2012 from Purdue University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Man...

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  • Brian is a multifaceted business professional who has never had a “real” job (for very long). A career entrepreneur since childhood, he shares his tim...

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  • Brigadier General Jeffrey Hauser (USAF) is a member of Indiana State University’s Department of Aviation Technology, and serves as the Director of Unm...

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  • Danielle is a startup founder with a successful start and exit. Her passion is bringing new ideas to market and exploring agile and innovative concept...

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  • Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Ellie Symes, CEO of The Bee Corp, grew up in a number of cities across the Midwest and Canada. Ellie recently completed h...

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  • Garrett Mintz is the Founder and CEO of Ambition In Motion. Garrett works with university departments (e.g. athletic departments, business schools, ac...

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  • John Qualls, President of Eleven Fifty Academy, is an accomplished business leader who has spent his career developing and promoting innovative techno...

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  • After an accident that left him completely blind in 1997, military veteran, Lonnie Bedwell, raised three daughters as a single father, became an award...

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  • Ross David is a singer-songwriter and recording artist. His music has garnered more than six million streams on Spotify, with people from all over the...

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  • Stephanie, a native of Silicon Valley, is the SnapShyft™ Team’s luminous task master in Operations, Accounting, Finance and HR. Growing up in Si...

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  • In her role as Senior Advisor in the Office of Nuclear Energy, Suzanne serves as the Political Liaison between the Office of Nuclear Energy and the Se...

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