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Fail Fest

Agenda & Speakers

September 21st, 2017

Fail Fest

Agenda & Speakers

September 21st, 2017


September 21st, 2017 | Union 525

9:30am: Kickoff + Welcome

10am: Keynote #1

10:45am: Breakout Session 1

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Keynote #2

1:30pm: Networking/Coffee Break

2:30pm: Breakout Session 2

4pm: Keynote #3

5pm: Wrap-Up + Closing

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Hosts & Moderators


  • Denzil ‘Val’ Crooke | @DenzilValentine Founder & CMO, Incentus Global Denzil ‘Val’ Crooke, Founder and CMO of Incentus Glo...

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  • Jackie Bledsoe | @jbledsoejr CEO, JBSB Companies LLC Jackie is the bestselling author of The 7 Rings of Marriage, a nationally-requested speaker, and ...

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  • Jeremy Brown | @caterprojeremy CEO, Nameless Catering Company Jeremy Brown set his sights high and Nameless Catering achieved over $2.5 million in sal...

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  • Polina Osherov | @posherov Editor-in-Chief, PATTERN Magazine Polina Osherov is Co-Founder and Executive Director of PATTERN, a 501c3 public charity fo...

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  • Rupal Thanawala | @rupal_amit Account Executive, Accenture Rupal is Account Executive at Accenture, where she provides innovative consulting solutions...

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